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Wild Swan Theater has been delighting children and adults alike for over 32 years with critically acclaimed professional theater. Today, we continue to challenge ourselves to create engaging theater that has a real impact on our community. Your donation writes the ticket for:

  • World-class family theater at hometown prices. We bring the talents of Broadway and beyond to Michigan’s families. Our professional playwrights, composers, actors, and designers are regionally and nationally acclaimed artists.
  • Special Needs Met Everyday. At every show we raise the curtain on theater for all youth, including those who are deaf, blind, and developmentally and physically disabled.
  • Books Alive! This Literacy-Through-Drama education program is working to close the achievement gap in our schools.
  • Dramatically Able Workshops. We use the world of imagination to improve communication and social skills in youth and adults with developmental and physical disabilities.
  • Monique’s Kids Scholarships. Each year we bring the joy of theater to 100s of low-income youth and their families.

Help us take our programs from the page to the stage!

$5,000 Audio description equipment to enable twenty children who are blind to “hear” the stage action (live, real-time description of the action taking place on stage between the dialogue via headphone system).
$3,000 American Sign Language Interpreters for the run of one production. These skilled actors interpret the text and action for our hearing-impaired audience members.
$1,000 Scholarship support for 10 special needs children to attend our popular Camp DoYaWanna summer drama camp.
$500 Pays for eighty economically challenged youth to attend a live theater production.
$250 Keeps our touring van on the road for one month
$100 Funds one back-stage “touch tour” for blind patrons–Before a performance, blind patrons are invited on stage for an orientation to the set, to hear the actors’ voices in character, handle props and hear sound effects – all to enhance their experience of the play.
$75 Brings one actor to the stage for one show
$35 Gives tickets to a show to one low-income family

Make Your Donation Now!
(Wild Swan Theater is a 501(c)3 organization– all donations are tax deductible!)