2015 – 2016 Season

For over thirty five years, families and teachers have made Wild Swan Theater a tradition, delighting in our magical, lively productions performed by our award-winning troupe of professional adult actors, dancers, musicians, and American Sign Language performers.  As the only professional theater dedicated to young people in Michigan, we realize that parents and teachers alike count on us to bring to life the very best in children’s classics, introduce stories from other cultures in an accessible and fun way, and provide a theatrical experience like no other.  As we present our 2015-2016 season, we think you will agree that we have succeeded in doing just that!

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Please Note: All of our season performances take place in Towsley Auditorium which is located in the Morris Lawrence Building on the campus of Washtenaw Community College.  Parking is located conveniently nearby.  All of our season performances are shadow interpreted for those who are hearing impaired. Backstage touch tours and audio-description are available for blind theater patrons but must be reserved in advance by calling (734) 995-0530.



Once Upon a Time

Grades Prek - 2

Thursday, October 15 – 10am (tickets available at the door)
Friday, October 16 – 10am & 12pm (tickets available at the door)
Saturday, October 17 – 11am (tickets available at the door)

An engaging collection of favorite children’s classics including “Three Billy Goat’s Gruff” and “Reynard the Fox” are sure to delight the very young. In true Wild Swan style, three performers and a musician create all the magic inherent in these timeless stories making this first time theater experience unforgettable.



Rosie the Riveter

Grade 4 - Adult

Wednesday, November 11 – 10am (tickets at door)

Thursday, November 12 – 10am – SOLD OUT
Friday, November 13 – 10am & 12pm (tickets at door)
Saturday, November 14 – 2pm – SOLD OUT

An original musical written by playwright Jeff Duncan and composer Brian Buckner, Rosie the Riveter tells the remarkable story of the women who came to Michigan from all across the country and all walks of life to fill thousands of factory jobs left empty by men suddenly called to war. With their determination, strength of character, and backbreaking labor, these extraordinary women rallied a nation as they produced B-24 bombers, a plane an hour, day in and day out for the duration of World War II.  This is a production that not only brings history alive, but will inspire respect and admiration for the capacity of these Rosies to accomplish more than anyone could have imagined.


A Honey Pot of Pooh Stories

Grades Prek - 2

Thursday, December 3 – 10am (SOLD OUT)
Friday, December 4 – 10am (SOLD OUT) & 12pm (tickets at door)
Saturday, December 5 – 11am (tickets at door)

Dip into our honey pot of stories featuring children’s all time favorite bear, Winnie the Pooh.  You will love joining Pooh as he hums his way through the Hundred Aker Woods.  Whether he’s pretending to be a cloud to trick bees out of their honey, hunting heffalumps with Piglet, or stuck in a doorway at Rabbit’s house, Winnie the Pooh is just about the best friend a child could have.


Drum Me a Story

Grades K - 4


Wednesday, February 10 – 10am   SOLD OUT

Thursday, February 11 – 10am SOLD OUT
Friday, February 12 – 10am SOLD OUT & 12pm (tickets at door)
Saturday, February 13 – 11am (tickets at door)

A delightful collection of African tales performed through storytelling, acting, dancing, and drumming. Colorful costumes, masks, and traditional music will delight and teach our young fans, with lots of opportunities for audience participation!



Grade 3 - Adult

Wednesday, March 9 – 10am  TICKETS AT DOOR                                                      Thursday, March 10 – 10am
Friday, March 11 – 10am SOLD OUT & 12pm
Saturday, March 12 – 2pm 

Shipwrecked! is a stirring coming of age drama set during a fierce winter storm on Lake Huron in 1893. Twelve year old Aaron Buchanan, sailing with his parents on their small schooner loaded with Christmas trees from Sault Ste. Marie, is tested in ways he never dreamed possible when a ferocious gale suddenly materializes in Thunder Bay’s infamous “Shipwreck Alley.” Inspired by the desperate circumstances, he finds the sailing skills, bravery, and physical strength to help effect the daring rescue of his family.


Peter Rabbit

Grades Prek - 2

Thursday, April 7 – 10am – tickets at the door
Friday, April 8 – 10am & 12pm (Best Seats Available!) – tickets at the door
Saturday, April 9 – 11am

When Peter Rabbit ventures into Farmer McGregor’s garden, despite his mother’s warning, his adventures begin. From the moment Peter loses his little blue coat to Farmer McGregor’s scarecrow until he arrives safe and sound at home, this classic tale is brought charmingly to life by Wild Swan’s actors and designers.


Charlotte's Web

Charlotte’s Web

Grades K - 5

Thursday, May 5 – 10am SOLD OUT
Friday, May 6 – 10am SOLD OUT & 12pm SOLD OUT


Charlotte’s Web is possibly the best loved of all American stories for children. Set in the rural Midwest, it tells the touching story of a rare friendship between a little pig, Wilbur, and Charlotte, a most uncommon spider. The magical words that Charlotte spins in her web not only earn Wilbur a county fair blue ribbon and save his life, but inspire all of us to value what we can share with each other.